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Buyer's Guide: Ultra HD TVs

HDTV sets have been in the scene for quite a while now. However, this year buyers are flooding the stores for the newest contender in this category, i.e., Ultra HD 4K TV’s. Also, because of the huge price drops, these devices are becoming a preferred choice for most shoppers. 4K television sets are getting hugely popular for a reason – even those with a mid-range price tag appear amazing. But simply being affordable isn’t enough to purchase one. Although the amount of 4K video content available each day is on the rise, it’s not accessible to everybody, all the time, and for each viewing requirement. Things to Consider Before Purchasing a 4K HDTV Set: Your service provider For watching 4K ready content on your brand new TV, it’s important to have UHD service from your service provider. Sadly, this does not actually exist as of yet. Popular satellite TV services aren’t ready for it at the moment. Speaking of the DISH Network, they’ve announced their 4K ready set top box, however no one knows when it’ll be released. Temporarily, DirecTV provides 4K service, however the users need to rent the latest Genie HD ready DVR set for this. Streaming Boxes and Streaming Services Created by tech firms like Netflix, Google and Amazon, some new and original video content is available in the 4K format. For instance, shows such as House of Cards from Netflix and Transparent from Amazon are 4K enabled. But, not all the 4K TV’s are likely to be “smart TVs” (featuring software and apps that’ll link to online streaming sites) and not all the Smart TV sets are able to stream 4K content (although they’ve all the features to be able to display these images). Hence, it is wise to purchase a streaming box with 4K capabilities. Internet Streaming If you want to stream this content online, you’ll require a good internet connection. As per Netflix, you need “a reliable Internet speed of at least 25 Mb/s” for enjoying their 4K content. In reality, 4K video needs the speed of a minimum of 50Mb/s taking into account the load on the entire network after everybody starts streaming video using a UHD televisions. Blu-Rays and Gaming Consoles So in case your Internet and cable cannot get the job done making 4K available, Blu-Ray players along with gaming consoles can, right? The answer is NO again. Even though PS4 along with Xbox One gaming consoles are quite powerful, they aren’t completely equipped so as to play a 4K signal. Rather, the systems showcase various games in 1080-pixel format that’s only 25% of the resolution when compared to the 4K screens. Similarly, content which is disc-based such as Blu-Ray movies can be normally formatted for HD. However, there’s a new standard which is known as UHD Blu-Ray which is capable of tapping into the new TV’s huge amount of pixels. But, for seeing them in their entire eye-popping glory, it’s essential to purchase a new UHD Blu-Ray player.
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