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Dish Network vs. DirecTV – A Comparison

Satellite Television has been commercially accessible for almost twenty five years now. Most people do not know that satellite TV is just available from 2 providers throughout the USA. Let’s take The satellite TV industry provides service by means of top-powered satellites positioned along the Geosynchronous Orbit near the planet earth. Data for channels are uploaded and encrypted to those top standard satellites in space. Once the programming is received by the satellite it is redistributed to millions of subscribers across the nation. A satellite receiver, a little outdoor antenna and subscription are required for reception. Once signals are received by the satellite antenna, the active units will run programming based upon the subscription. Now that we know how satellite television works, let’s review some of the most famous similarities you will find from both firms. Similarities 100% digital video and audio Standard expert installation Leased equipment Digital video recorder Local stations High definition programming Parental locks Multichannel viewing Pay-per-view events Parent locks Most providers provide a lot of the same stations. Often firms take on exclusive technology and content to help keep customers from leaving. Let’s highlight how these companies stand out from each other and others in the Pay TV industry. Differences Dish International channels – 300 channels in 30 languages TV everywhere – Watch TV from a Smartphone, tablet, and computer Blockbuster at home – access to 100,000 shows and movies in-store. Dish remote access – watch on-demand TV movies and shows on tablet. Dish online – watch 20,000 shows from any PC. Live TV to Go – watch any program anywhere and anytime X/SIRIUS Radio – across to over seventy commercial free audio stations Prime time any time- view on-demand quick access to primetime shows on the 4 big local networks in HD for up to 8 days. DIRECTV DirecTV cinema – offers access to a collection of over 6,000 shows and movies NFL Sunday ticket – permits viewing of every expert Sunday football game. TiVo digital video recorder – partner with the actual household name that started digital video recording. DirecTV everywhere – watch TV and movies on tablet, PC, phone, or TV DirecTV on demand provides quick access to movies and TV shows while linked to the internet. Advanced receiver service – contains High Definition access and whole- home DVR. If you are looking for high definition TV access, satellite TV is actually the way to go. Either firm can get you many more channels than cable TV can, though Dish Network actually provides more HDTV at this time, with a selection of over 250 HD channels, plus local stations where accessible. Streaming service can be included on to any programming package for a low monthly fee and the number of movies promises to keep rising steadily. Both firms provide service and programming, so it is hard for either firm to claim being superior. Dish has affordable programming packages with the most international programming, while DirecTV has the most sports channels that followers’ desire.  
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