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Blu-ray Players Buyer's Guide

What is Blu-ray? Blu-ray is the latest benchmark in house entertainment. Blu-ray applies a blue-violet laser to write and read information, which is much better than the red laser of CDs and DVDs. This permits more data on the same size disk. The outcome is: Cinema quality sound Superior video standard More room to fit a range of unique features HD is at the heart of why you should purchase a Blu-ray player. It is often the driving factor or force of why anyone buys Blue-ray player - you obtain superior visuals and a more perfect audio experience from Blu-ray than you will obtain from a standard DVD. Resolution just means the sharpness of the image, generally measured in “lines”. The larger the number of lines, the quicker your image will be played. How choose the best Blu-ray player? You want the best Blu-ray player. Consider the options that you will really use. There is no point spending a lot of money and purchasing a 3D or even a 4K-upscalling model if you don’t have a 3D or 4k television. 3D Blu-ray films 3D-ready Blu-ray players are fairly popular and many of those can play 3D discs. Many televisions are 3D-capable, and you don’t have to spend extra cash for this. Best for DVDs Not all DVDs are of equal quality and design – if you have a big DVD collection then ensure you find a Blu-ray player that gets a best rating for DVD SD image quality. Web features Most players make best use of a web connection. Specific services vary by player and manufacturer, but you can typically view images and stream video and audio from a range of sources such as Slacker, Pandora, YouTube, Vudu,  and Netflix. Some producers, like Vizio and Samsung, also contain widgets that show weather, news, and provide you access to social-networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. Then, definitely, there is the PS3, which in addition to being an extremely solid Blue-ray player, also lets you stream video and play 1000s of games. Video up-scaling Video up-scaling permits you to get a remarkable image possible from your older, non- HD DVDs. Up-scaling processes the frames at a superior standard, providing definition near to that of 1080p. It is very noticeable and quite remarkable to see the increase in picture quality. This spec is a must have for people who want to get high video resolution from their older films. USB Port USB ports permit you to view almost any kind of media used on a PC. See and save images, music, videos, and much more when using a USB gadget. This is perfect for times when you don’t want to link wireless or a wired networking option is not accessible. It is also amazing to see high-resolution images at a bigger size. Smart remote capable Smart remote permits you to control your Blue-ray player from your Smartphone. Now you  can see what’s playing on your television screen from anywhere in your house, and you can use it just like you would a TV remote.    
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